Blue Bananas

Far x Wide is pleased to present BLUE BANANAS, featuring works by Liz Ainslie, Susan Carr, Ryan Thayer Davis, Georgia Elrod, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, and Zach Seeger. The title for this project was inspired by a science experiment where bananas placed on a table in the afternoon sun appeared yellow but emitted more blue light than any other frequency*. The artists in this selection use color in ways that acknowledge the possibility that yellow can secretly be blue. 

The Unusuals at The Painting Center

The Unusuals
Opening Reception: Thursday February 28 6-8PM 


The Painting Center presents The Unusuals featuring thirteen contemporary artists who exemplify this theme. Curators Kathy Cantwell and Molly Herman bring together a group of paintings that defy easy categorization.
The Unusuals showcases paintings that are not typical or ordinary. From the curated gallery on The Painting Center’s website, Art File, we have picked thirteen artists whose work we think embodies these attributes. We looked for the unpredictable, unexpected, unimaginable, unknowable— imagery that cannot be simply defined.
The “unusuals” are Liz Atlas, Bradley Butler, Robin Colodzin, Georgia Elrod, Hilary Goldblatt, Sam King, Beth Livensperger, Mary Mattei, Lisa Pressman, Eileen Senner, Jenny Singleton, Yeachin Tsai, Lisa Tubach


Featuring the works of Amanda Baldwin, Georgia Elrod and Jess Willa Wheaton.
Curated by Nicholas Cueva

November 29th–January 4th, 2018
Opening reception November 29th, 7–10pm

Brightness, joyfulness and bloom
With one moment you refresh the room
Moments pass of light and color
Meander through heart and mind
Lines and line, denote the time
And we would have no other
Graces perfect the art, a boon
To lift the spirits in our gloom
For stark and hollow, the winter tree
But in the ground now lays the seed
Which in months time will sate our need
And freedom growing, will itself be free
5-50 51st Ave
Long Island City, NY
Wednesday - Sunday 10AM -  5PM
7 Train to Vernon Blvd (one stop from Grand Central) 
G train 21st St. / Jackson Ave

Art To Go: A Benefit for Make the Road New York


Transmitter is pleased to present Art to Go: A Benefit for Make the Road New York. In these tumultuous times, we have acknowledged the potential in harboring community efforts for the common good. As a result, we've chosen to take action by inviting dozens of artists we have exhibited and friends of the gallery to create unique works on or with our iconic tote bag. Each piece will be for sale for $150 with a few limited edition runs available for less, and a portion of all sales will be donated to the immigrant support group Make the Road New York. 

Private Practice

Brian Belott / Chris Bertholf / Roger Danilo Carmona / Tryn Collins / Nicholas Cueva / Kerry Downey / Georgia Elrod / Laura Frantz / Ashley Garrett / Tamara Gonzales / Essye Klempner / Osamu Kobayashi / Aleta Lanier / JJ Manford / Danielle Orchard / Elisa Soliven / Sam Strand / Julie Torres / Aaron Zulpo
Underdonk is pleased to present Private Practice, a group exhibition of work by nineteen artists, each presenting a selection of their studio practice. Comprised of sketches, notes, objects of inspiration, shrines, postcards, and unseen drawings with completed works, this exhibition explores the line between private and public. Giving the artist permission to show what one would often keep hidden or as an idea not fully processed but for further fruition in another work, this show lays bare the unfolding thinking practice in the studio. The artist is a work in progress, perpetually searching, changing, and staying the same. We are gatherers, hoarders, and historians.

Solo show at Novella Gallery, LES NYC

Georgia Elrod
Around the Corner
May 9th - June 1st, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday May 9th 6-9 PM
Novella Gallery 164 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday 1-6PM
NOVELLA is pleased to present Around the Corner, a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Georgia Elrod. Painted from imagination, these works are a translation of the artist’s memory and subconscious. They present glimpses of interiors, and within and beyond them, moments of absence and reflection. The work has been inspired by the complexities and unanswered questions that surround the artist's own family history. As the past is navigated and interpreted, these paintings have become extrapolations, bearing witness to a history through allusion and suggestion. They attempt to include the viewer in the conversation as they both fill in the blanks and create new ones. In this recent work there lingers the anticipation of potential narratives.
Elrod makes many drawings in ink on paper and these often inspire larger paintings. These luminous works have a light-blasted quality; thinly painted surfaces subtly suggest edges, layers, and the spaces in between. Paint has been added but also intentionally rubbed out, creating form through removal. This subtraction, along with the addition of drawing in pastel has become an increasingly important aspect of the artist’s process.
Around the Corner presents stages, openings, and visions of a world quietly reverberating with something just out of reach. The work suggests a sense of anticipation and invites the viewer to explore.
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