A group member show
April 7 - May 7, 2017
Opening reception Friday, April 7th, 6-9PM

Chris Bertholf
Tryn Collins
Nicholas Cueva
Georgia Elrod
Laura K. Frantz
Ashley Garrett
Essye Klempner
Aleta Lanier
JJ Manford
Danielle Orchard
Elisa Soliven

1329 Willoughby Ave #211
Brooklyn, NY 11237 
L train to Jefferson St
Gallery Hours:
Sat & Sun 1-6PM


Alex Golden, Ashley Norwood Cooper, Caroline Wells Chandler, Georgia Elrod, J Grabowski, Jackie Slanley, Jason Saager, Joe Smith, Joel Carreiro, Jonathan David Smyth, Julia Whitney Barnes, Kajahl, Laura Sue King, Lourdes Bernard, Mark Attebery, Mark Brennan, Matthew Farrell, Matthew Garrison, Melissa Brown, Michelle Gevint, Mickalene Thomas, Nickolas Roudané, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Sandy Frank, Sarah Dineen, Tom Beale, Veronica O'Keefe Ruoff, Yu Zhang. 

Curated by Michael Berube and Keena Gonzalez
Opening Reception: September 15th, 2016 7-9 p.m.
Artist Walk Thru: October 6th, 2016 7-9 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: September 9th - October 20th
Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sat - Sun 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Church of St. Paul the Apostle
Corner of West 60th & Columbus Ave. 
(212) 265-3495
New York, New York 10019

Soft & Hard at Trestle Projects

Soft & Hard  June 16th - July 16th 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 16th, 2016 at 7-9PM
Panel Discussion: Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at 3-4PM

Soft & Hard features works by Oliver Bell, Georgia Elrod, Meredith Hoffheins and Rossana Martinez. The selected artists explore the human body and landscape using different narratives. The famous dancer and choreographer Martha Graham stated “the body never lies, and these four artists present textural experiences of softness and hardness simultaneously through each sculpture, video, drawing and painting.
Oliver Bell’s video work has roots in documentary. On view is “A dobe on Adobe” which was first shown at The Paseo Art Festival in New Mexico. This work is reconfigured to project on the unique architecture of the gallery. Seen are hands of an expert craftsperson controlling the wet mud to create it’s layered texture.
Georgia Elrod’s recent paintings interpret bodily functions, while questioning our understanding of the human interior. Anatomical scenes are created with both hard edges and brushy strokes, leading to unidentifiable body parts, layers, and shifts in perspective. Her ink drawings serve as maps for her larger works.
Meredith Hoffheins paints imagery such as fences and water features inside lush smooth landscapes. The absence of figures pulls the viewer in to locate themselves inside the fantasized structures consisting of geometric and natural forms. Each unique relationship made engages with the subtlety of color, shape and blended paint.
Rossana Martinez has made prints, photography, video and sculpture showing the relationship of the body to the earth. Martinez is showing one of her works from her I t Keeps My Heart and Soul in It’s Place series with dark blue glass beads. The spine is suspended from the gallery walls and is close to scale. It asks the viewer to contemplate the articulation of the vertebrae form.

Curated by Melissa Staiger

Borderlands at COOP Gallery: Nashville

Georgia Elrod, Baris Gokturk, and Sarada Rauch 

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Borderlands, an exhibition featuring the work of Brooklyn-based artists and Heliopolis Gallery curators Georgia Elrod, Baris Gokturk, and Sarada Rauch. 
Elrod, Gokturk, and Rauch met as graduate students at Hunter College in New York City. They joined forces as a curatorial team at Heliopolis, an artist run-gallery and project space in Brooklyn. Together they have created a dynamic program that has in turn developed new sensibilities in their own work.

Borderlands is an artistic response to their last 3 years’ curatorial projects. The ideas for many of these shows have stemmed from the group’s ongoing discussions that have triggered an organic process of hashing out concepts and themes. Recurring themes that most centrally persist have been interiority, and the tension present in ideas of inside, outside, and areas in between; liminality, or periods of transition where objects exist in a threshold of ambiguity; and the reconsideration of visual and conceptual norms via humor and re-appropriation.

In their process, each artist as curator carries whatever is happening in their respective studios to a table conversation, which often turns into a three-person debate. In turn, each artist brings the resulting issues and ideas back into their studios, helping to transform and take their own work to new dimensions. Borderlands is a result of this dialogue, featuring artworks that reflect the formal and conceptual sensibilities that were developed in the curatorial process.

This exhibition is the first part of an exchange between COOP Gallery and Heliopolis Gallery. The second part will feature COOP artists showing at Heliopolis in Brooklyn. 

New Work City

A Happy New Year, Small Work Sale Featuring 80+ Artists
curated by Julie Torres

Opening Reception: Monday January 5th, 7-9pm
Hours: Tuesday, January 6 - Sunday, January 11, 12-6pm

Solo show at Novella Gallery, LES NYC

Georgia Elrod
Around the Corner
May 9th - June 1st, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday May 9th 6-9 PM
Novella Gallery 164 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday 1-6PM
NOVELLA is pleased to present Around the Corner, a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Georgia Elrod. Painted from imagination, these works are a translation of the artist’s memory and subconscious. They present glimpses of interiors, and within and beyond them, moments of absence and reflection. The work has been inspired by the complexities and unanswered questions that surround the artist's own family history. As the past is navigated and interpreted, these paintings have become extrapolations, bearing witness to a history through allusion and suggestion. They attempt to include the viewer in the conversation as they both fill in the blanks and create new ones. In this recent work there lingers the anticipation of potential narratives.
Elrod makes many drawings in ink on paper and these often inspire larger paintings. These luminous works have a light-blasted quality; thinly painted surfaces subtly suggest edges, layers, and the spaces in between. Paint has been added but also intentionally rubbed out, creating form through removal. This subtraction, along with the addition of drawing in pastel has become an increasingly important aspect of the artist’s process.
Around the Corner presents stages, openings, and visions of a world quietly reverberating with something just out of reach. The work suggests a sense of anticipation and invites the viewer to explore.
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